Creative ideas for your promotion stand

We are able to turn creative ideas into reality, through our network of renowned artists, for our customers all around the world. Classic commercial bodypainting, camouflage or bodyart combined with a complete scenery.

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WB Academy by Maxim Ljubimov

WB Academy, education with the world's best artists

Our greatest passion and largest project within the agency is the organization of the World Championships in bodypainting, special effects and special categories. Together with our world class artists we offer an elaborate range of special education programs in the "WB Academy" on highest level and we are able to offer them independently on location for groups or individuals.

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WB Shop

The Online Shop of WB Production with Tickets and Fan articles

All workshop bookings, ticketing or merchandising in connection with the World Bodypainting Festival or the World Bodypainting Association (WBA) are processed through our own online store.

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Project for the United Nation (UN)

The world’s one and only UN Peace Memorial Hall opened in Busan, South Korea in 2014. It is located next to the world’s only UN cemetery, the UN Memorial Park.  The UN International Peace Hall showcases the UN’s activities and history in their endeavor to promote peace in every corner of the globe.

The UN-PM and World Bodypainting Association Chairman Alex Barendregt with the WBA Asia delegation led by Mr. Park Chan were signing a MOU in May 2015 to create together a project to raise attention for the institution. The concept of WB Production includes, of course, the oldest human artform to create a contemporary, multimedia exhibition.

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WB Production is happy to welcome 50 nationalities in the World Championships 2015

Pörtschach and the region around Lake Wörthersee will soon be flooded with colours and amazing artworks during the festival week and especially on the main days from July 3rd - 5th. There we have in various categories hundreds of participants from 50 nations! Wow, what a record number. This year, for the first time, we have artists direct from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Guadaloupe or the Maldives. Click here  to see where what countries are competing

The deadline for registrations in the World Bodypainting Festival 2015 has now passed, with this number of artists, the 18th World Bodypainting Festival - A fusion of Bodies & Beats - is again the largest international bodypainting event in history. Bodypainting art will be presented at the highest level and from a huge varieties of different cultures, so go ahead and dive in into the world of bodypainting! 



Commercial Bodypainting Project for Megadyne

A very creative project was recently produced for our client MEGADYNE by our team of WB Production. The manufacturer and world leader in producing drive belts and pulleys has demanded a challenging concept to us. Take a  look behind the scenes.


Artist Johannes Stoetter presents „The CHAMELEON"

As the 3rd creation of his "animal illusion series" Johannes Stoetter just finished his new masterpiece - a perfect illusion of a fascinating animal, here it is "The Chameleon"!

Some time ago "The Frog" and "The Parrot" got worldwide attention in media.
The design of his first image, the frog, was a spontaneous idea and it took Johannes only 10 minutes to sketch the design.
He began to experiment with animals and human shapes by fuse them into an illusion.
After many attempts the final concept of the parrot was realized.

Now it is finalized, his 3rd new masterpiece - THE CHAMELEON is ready to be published!

Johannes Stötter tells the story of his "Chameleon": 

The Camaeleon by Johannes Stoetter 460px



Siam Paragon, Grand anniversary in Thailand

Siam Paragon, the pride of Bangkok, was celebrating its 9th year anniversary as a world-class shopping destination that is visited by over 200.000 shoppers daily. A night of glamour marked the exclusive evening in the "House of Walker" and the team of WB Production created the highlight of the evening. Over 20 TV stations captured the bodypainted model and celebrity Karnklao Grace Duaysienklao when she swept across the red carpet.


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